Tea Party

While my intention with this site is to showcase a variety of topics from profound, to poetic, to the adventurous and beautiful... humor will always find its way through my fingertips.

Not long ago, a dark scavenger roamed the sidewalk opposite my house and disappeared into the neighbor's backyard. Later that evening, I thought I heard one of my cats outside rummaging next to the living room wall where I keep the trash barrels. Engrossed in my movie, I did not look up. Something jumped to the ground. 

I arrived in the kitchen just in time to see a fat, striped tail waddling along on the back patio.  The porch light does not shine around to the corner of the house. I walked into the darkness. It crept along the fence until it stopped to turn around. "Oh my God! You are so not Jupiter. You came into my kitchen and ate from the cat bowl! You sneak!"

There you have it. I'm living in the wild disguised as an urban neighborhood.  Perhaps the coon never was in the kitchen because a gigantic butt like that could not easily have squeezed in through the cat door. However, it tried. What will it be doing next time when it figures out how to get in? Champagne and smoked trout, anyone?

Written by Cari K
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The Simply Luxurious Life

Too funny! Love your voice. The site is looking great! Just became a follower and look forward to upcoming post. Sounds like you're having a great weekend. =)