My Poetry


To have an affinity
for love, sweet divinity
of all things
superb and divine.

Simply rise to the top
of each dream that you seek,
and expand your sense
of sublime.

You have got to remember
you came from a deep
well of bliss
called forever.

The power of
free will to choose
endless paths
is rightfully yours
to endeavor.



Hedonistic pleasure
and sensuous delight
work as a team
to help me take flight
to luxury.

It’s not just one thing
that soothes my esteem
but an endless supply
of glory.

If it truffles my snuff
and swizzles my zing
it will rise up through
each of my everything.

If it triggers my tides
and fills me with bliss
let’s call it perfection
my first real kiss,
right now and
forever always.

You asked, I did tell,
hope you feel
the swell and the
passion of your
dreamy dawning.

Perhaps sit on a swing and
you may hear the ring
of your own sweet
indulgence calling.



When an enraptured reader turns the pages of a great book
When our ears strain to hear the first raindrops on the roof
When a body vibrates to a particularly full moon
With fierce focus we move not from our object of love.

Souls stir with the haunting voice of the whippoorwill at dawn
Passion transforms our awareness as we expand into mighty bliss
Longing hearts always cry out for more -
Let me be loved.

Pour me a chalice of that hypnotic eternal potion
You who hath put a spell on me
Energized by devotion and filled with sweet emotion
There is only life when you are near.



Planting the seeds
of determination
ensures your arrival
at every train station
on the route to
an exceptional life.

Let's end the illusion
of crazy confusion
and dance into
that rhythmic abyss.

Do not close your eyes
since you must realize
you can never again
be remiss.

Your soul will indeed
transform and succeed
even if you shun rides
that pay plenty.

I suggest the removal
of doubt in your noodle
and rejoice in a
life that's not empty!



Here I stand
noting where you end
and I begin,
leaves me

Ties that bind
wielding envy
that sears straight
through my soul.

Charged with the task
of mastering mind over matter
I seek respite under the shade
of the Bodhi tree.

Sweet breezes lift me up
to the heavenly arms of God
where I nestle my heart.

You have reminded me
that life is sweeter when
holding the hand of
my own spirit.