Have you thought much lately about how the position of the sun changes the reflections on your body and how that brings you different perspectives of the environment? Today is the birthday of an old friend. I began marvelling at how shadows change places and trigger memories. It seems normal to think of seasonal shifts in temperature, but if you stop and focus, you can likely remember how light offers its unique frequency from day to day, year after year. Sunlight affects all things with its ephemeral glow and enhances our essence. Take a moment today to look closely at the world around you. Hopefully you can give yourself the opportunity to remember this.

Written by Cari K
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The Simply Luxurious Life

Cari, I love this layout! It looks fantastic. Congratulations on getting back into the the world of the web. I look forward to following. I can already tell you have a beautiful perspective to share. I especially loved your first post - such energy and strength exuded from your writing. Again, congratulations - have a beautiful weekend. Glad to here the wine tasting went well. =)