Where is Wonderland?

We are going to jump down a different rabbit hole today. Remember when you learned that humanity once thought Earth was flat? Can you get a sense of the evolution of all cultures across our world shifting and changing their perspectives of life? What if the world each of us perceives, yet again, is not as unchangeable as we have been thinking it is? Have you noticed how your emotional perception changes the way you experience and rendezvous with life? 

What if emotions can be used for a better reason than just to react to circumstances? What if we begin to use them as a guide to free ourselves from states of frustrated hopelessness that can instead point us toward the freedom of happiness? If emotions highlight the type of thoughts we are thinking on any subject, we need to be strong warriors who value and deliberately use our focused minds. Once you understand how you feel, you are free to choose your perspective with the thoughts you think. It is sloppy behavior to act like a lazy victim who blames their lackluster life on crappy luck and other people. It is not the alignment of the stars or the economy that inhibits us from receiving goodness. It is our attitude and perception that bring us satisfaction or not.                                                 

All of us have areas of our lives that bother us to some extent because we are not where we want to be. It seems that whoever is succeeding at whatever, all have one thing in common. They allow themselves to flow toward their desires with clear intention. Let it be easy. On any topic, you feel somewhere between happy or sad. Notice where you stand, with respect to where you would rather be. Find a way to “go with the flow” toward what you want, to relief and satisfaction. Feeling good, should be the priority, out of necessity, out of self-respect, out of wanting a graceful life filled with benefits and assets. Why would you settle for anything less?

Written by Cari K
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The Simply Luxurious Life

Thank you for such a thought provoking post. Well written and something to think about no matter what walk of life we are living. I especially loved the line - "They allow themselves to flow towards that which they desired" - let themselves. I think you're right, so many people get in their own way. It's like they feel they shouldn't be happy or no one else should be happy around them. Beautiful! Have a great Tuesday. =)